Q: The sound of two trained hands playing the saxophone is music. What’s the sound of one-hand playing?  

 A: In a professional's hand, the sound of a one-handed sax is cool.

  Stricken by a massive hemorrhagic stroke in 2016, saxophonist and educator Diane “L’il Sax” Ellis dreams of walking without assistance and of one day again performing professionally.

To make that a reality she would need a custom-made instrument, a saxophone so rare there’s a two-year wait to get a new one.

There are only four manufacturers of the one-handed woodwinds worldwide. The cost can be up to $25,000.

Music can be life-changing and dreams do come true. They came true for musician Kenneth Carter, who suffered a stroke in 1991 at age 57.  Carter began playing the sax at 14 and thought his musical career had ended until he learned of a left-handed tenor sax for sale at a Florida music shop. He played that ax until his death at 79. TeamDiane can get “Lil Sax” a right-handed sax with your help.

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