Since the benefit, Diane’s family has been focused on getting Diane into the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab. She has been accepted there but not yet admitted due to insurance issues. The therapy effort is being led by one of her cousins. It is very frustrating. If you have ideas for moving this along, please contact us.

It has taken almost one month to get Diane a cortisone shot. Although the lead doctor for stroke therapy wrote her prescription, her insurance company decided that she didn’t need the shot. She received the shot on August 31 and had to pay for it herself. The cost, almost $900.

In the absence of the medical profession doing its job, Althea Orr of the Psychophysical Healing Center is offering pro bono structural integration bodywork, psychophysical healing and acupuncture to ease Diane’s pain and to help her begin to move again. This generosity, however, will not last indefinitely.

Diane’s Home
During Diane’s hospitalization and rehabilitation there were major floods in her home. Mold had taken over her cherished music studio, library and recreation area. The mold and damaged structures are in the process of being removed so that the air in her home will contribute to her recovery. She was without heat this past winter and air conditioning at the start of the summer. This has now been repaired.

The first floor of her home is her living space. This will now be renovated and made accessible to fit her needs.

On June June 14, 2017 a Benefit for Diane Ellis was sponsored by the Logan Center for the Arts at the University of Chicago, Hyde Park Jazz Society, Jazz Institute of Chicago and Oppenheimer Family Foundation. Donations were collected by the Logan Center Box office until August 29, 2017. Approximately $41,000 was raised. The Grammy’s MusiCares also gave Diane a $10,000 grant. This grant helped Diane by paying her mortgage and house expenses through the period of Diane’s retirement and the start of her pension.

This Fall TeamDiane will launch a crowd sourcing campaign.

We ask that all friends and supporters of Diane prepare now to participate in sharing this website via email and social media. This website and social media will link to the crowd sourcing site.

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